Hello from Maidenhead


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Hello Fellow Shooters,

I've been shooting for 20years with a mixture of Air-Rifles, FAC Rimfire's/Rifles in various calibres and recently a Shotgun.

Mainly shot target with also a mixture of vermin/pest control on Farms, Golf Clubs and other permissions, but now more interested in stalking but really a novice in this area, but want to develop that side of the sport.

Hopefully I can pick-up a few tips and I like how there's a very friendly feel to this site, especially offering various advice, tips and opportunities for stalking days around the country.

Hope to learn more from the community and other stalkers



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'Ay, the heads of the maids, or their maidenheads; take it in what sense thou whilt' (R&J Shakespeare)

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. I suspect you may just have heard it before lol.

Welcome to the site




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Welcome Sauer100,

You aren't far from me in Henley, there are a few members in our area which is good to see.
The forum is a great place for people new to stalking, like anything though take some advice with a pinch of salt but otherwise enjoy the stories and experiences of others, there are some very experienced people here which will help you on your way.