Hello from Mold ( North Wales)

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Hi everybody, would like to take this opportunity to write a little about myself.Served 12 years in the RAF Regt enjoying the shooting and socialising. After 10 years of coming out ( service not closet ) decided to apply for a shotgun license after being inspired by a good friend to rekindle my passion for shooting. It's strange but I'd forgotten how much I missed it. The certificate is a month old, in that time I've acquired a Remington semi and a Beretta o/u. To be honest there hasn't been a large amount of firing going on, but on the other hand there has been an unhealthy amount of cleaning and inspecting occurring. It's early days but I can see that 'stalking' ( deer not women ) is what I'd like to do. So I'm on here to learn as much as I can. Thanks for listening. Gethin.


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Welcome to the forum, only down the road from you - Flint. Plenty to read and learn on here.


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And I bet the beretta hasn't seen any use yet has it ginger?
give you £500 for it towards the browning;)

​when are you gonna come over to hit the pigeons?