Hello from newbie in Merseyside


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Hi, new to this site and returning to shooting after having my life interupted by wife and kids for last 20 years!

Have joined local target shooting club and been in it for 1yr now and am loving it.

Currently have 3nr .22lr rimmies, a .308 bolt and a .223 bolt and a .38 Marlin

Next task is to learn how to stalk from somebody who knows!


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Hi Finnbear

Am in Fulwood Rifle Club in Liverpool, a good bunch od lads and lasses!

How about yourself?


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aw rit der our kid

welcome to the forum,

i am sure there are plenty of lads in the area to sort out the stalking bit, great bunch of lads on here,



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Hi Hoopnik, good to see you here. I know your area well. I shoot N Wales and Lancs. Looking forward to seeing your posts. :thumb: