Hello from North Carolina


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Hello all - my name is Griff, I live in North Carolina and stumbled across the website while slacking off at work... I primarily hunt what is local and native to NC, including whitetail deer, turkeys and ducks. At some point I would love to make the trip over to the UK for both wingshooting and stalking. Glad to have found this forum, and look forward to the learning experience.


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Welcome to the site. We have quite a few of your folk from the States on here. Look forward to hearing more about your hunting over there. I have 4 American clients coming over this year for the Red and Sika rut.


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Welcome on board. One day hope to go for turkey and stripers in your part of the world.



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i am currently in NC also, FayetteNam way. I have made the trip over a couple time and am heading back this fall again. Once you stalk the Highlands it does get in your blood.

Curtis (Coot)