Hello from Somerset.

The Lucky Hunter


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Hello all, Basil is the name, 46 and i live in Somerset but origionally from Devon. I started shooting in 1977 but gave up for years after a friends suicide. I`ve been back into it for a couple of years with the shotguns but recently aquired my firearms license. I look forward to sharing a few tales.


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Welcome aboard Basil,
You are one of the lucky ones, you just found the best stalking site on the web.
Lot's of great guys on here with a font of knowledge.
Ask anything you like here, someone will know the answer, and will know what it is like to be new to the sport.
Kind regards,


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Well Basil you have certainly started off well! We are a friendly bunch, occasionally we argue, but all is forgiven very quickly.
As the other chaps have said welcome to the site, I look forward to reading your posts. ;)


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Hi Bas,good to see you here mate,everyone is friendly as you will soon find out.Have you got the Howa yet?..............Martin.


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Hi basil what a cracking site n group of people all is well in this world tonnes of advice for all us newbies warm welcome
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