Hello from somerset

Hi my names Jamie i've been airgun hunting for 25 years and have developed a deep desire to start stalking. Unfortunatly the credit crunch and losing my job has put things on hold but in the meantime i hope to learn as much as i can from the forum.


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im about an hour from you if i can in the near future
i will take you out and try for your first deer .


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are you free most weekends . now the pheasants are nearly done
should have a bit more time on my hands


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Roedinator, thank you on behalf of the admin team for being so generous to a new member.

Gentlemen this is what this site is really all about for me. Helping new and old stalkers alike where and how ever we can. Hats of to you all, well done guys, makes managing this site and being an owner of it worthwhile :D


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hi jamie,welcome to the site,its a friendly bunch with very helpful people.andy ;)


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hello everyone im from somerset and i got my fac back today so im off to get a .243 and get started, ive got some land to stalk on as i know a few land owners and have been shooting rabbits for them with my.22 for a while now.i did my dsc1 before christmas and hopefully get a bit of experience and then try for dsc2 if anyone in the area can be a witness would be greatful cheers look forward to speaking to everyone in the future.