Hello from Spain


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Hello everybody,

I´m from Spain. I didn´t know about this forum but Google brought me here, and after reading a few post I loved it, how people help each other and share their experiences and ideas. I think this doesn´t happen a lot on the internet, so I decided to join.

I have been hunting since I was 8 years old and it´s my passion. I don´t hunt much though, but I don´t really care, I just enjoy being outside with my friends or even alone, trying to follow that smart deer or checking out my feeders.

I hope I can share with you my hunts and many other things. If you have any questions about how it is to hunt in Spain, feel free to ask ;). And sorry if I made any mistakes, my English still needs to improve.

Mr. Gain

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Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on finding your way here and on your excellent English!

Escribes mejor que una buena proporción de los lugareños. ¡A ver si consigues entenderlos también!


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Muchas gracias for your answers my friends!

I´m from Cáceres, in Extremadura, but I´ve lived in Murcia, Salamanca and Madrid too.