Hello from the deep south


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Hi, I have just come across this site following some links sent from a friend. I live and work in the Falkland Islands, predominantly we are a H&S company though we have a somewhat wide remit that includes management of all wildlife on our local military base.
I am a keen shotgunner, now only just venturing into rifles, it's a whole different world! I'm an RFD in the Falklands, if you ever fancy visiting, please drop me a line and I will see what I can do to help.
Just bought myself a Steyr .223 that should be here shortly so any advice appreciated!


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Welcome DENTI-FI.
So what is the best calibre for Penguins down there:)

All the best.
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Welcome to the site it would be nice to have some pics of your local wildlife and scenery, the Falkland war kicked of 2 years after I left the Royal Navy, must admit I was concerned I might have been recalled, wouldnt mind visiting now though
would suggest a 308 for the reindeer