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Hello all,

My name is Jason and I live on the Isle of Man. I've been shooting now for just over a year, where I obtained my 'Regulated Weapon Certificate' (local license for an air rifle) and mainly focused on rabbits, corvids and pigeons. I shoot on roughly 1500 acres scattered around the Island.

Since, I have recently updated to the firearms certificate, and I have slots for:

.17 hmr bolt action + mod
.17 hm2 bolt action + mod
.22 lr semi + mod
FAC air
3+ shot shottie - sound moderated

Since receiving the FAC a couple weeks back, spoke to the local RFD and purchased a new CZ455 Thumbhole stock and varmint barrel, in .17 hmr. To go with that I have on top a cheap old Nikko Gameking 4-16x50 AO PX.


Since owning the rifle, and despite the cheap scope, i've had headshot rabbits from 15 yards to 205 (my current personal best).

I don't like the 'mildot method' of shooting, and use a Hawke LRF 400 and wind meter to dial in the scope for each longer range shot, with help from the Shooter app by Sean Kennedy. The problem is I keep losing track of how many clicks i've entered, and end up having to re-zero the rifle. I'm after something with better turrets!

I've joined the forum as i'd like a little bit of scope advise, from a wider audience. At the moment i'm a member at airgunforum.co.uk but as the title says, most of the members there focus on airgunning.

I've created a thread in the Equipment section (I would hyperlink but unable to at my post count) regarding scopes.

Cheers, look forward to becoming part of the community.

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