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Hello to all SD Members

Sorry not to have intro'd earlier felt it wise to browse first,

I'm Rick, I have recently moved back to the UK after living abroad for a number of years in Cyprus, have been around guns and shooting sports ever since i can remember.
Lived in Scotland when a nipper and remember listening to my best friends Dad telling 'tales from the hill' that was the start of it all i think!
Since then i have crossed the border and softened up...

Used to work in Agricultural Crop Packaging & owned a small working Farm in Devon, now do neither of those things, needed more time to pursue other vocations. I have stalked, hunted shot trapped etc most things from the humble British bunny to elk plus a few other unfortunate beasts!
In my life i have been fortunate to meet people of similar interests globally and have enjoyed our choice of pastime in Australia USA Europe and until recently Cyprus, where i have been going for the opening week of the Hunting season each year since the 90's ( Hare, Partridge, Pigeon)
Amongst other things i am passionate about all country pursuits, green energy, conservation, travel, fishing (rod and spear) sailing, wild camping, surfing, cooking, either in a kitchen or on an open fire.

Anyhow like most of you i expect i started with the airgun and moved up the scale, shooting .22lr .243 & 6.5x55 plus various SG on current UK ticket, have several permissions from the Midlands to the West Country and feel rather privileged to be trusted & in that lucky position.

Have a little bit of experience in life as i have been on the planet 47 yrs so maybe able to share.
I am single parent with young daughter so not as much time as some to get up to the daft things that i like, however i am looking forward to learning from you all on here and possible meeting with those more local,

I just re read this intro!!! and i sound like a right a*$e, however you can make your own assumptions..lol

feel free to contact me to find out what a Freekin weirdo i really am


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