Hello & Intro from Rusty Pilgrim

Hi Folks,
Just signed up today after lurking & reading for a bit. Home base is Herefordshire. Been shooting for some 35 years now, mainly target & a bit of deer & vermin in the past. Now just target and the very occasional deer with a 6.5 swede (Sako Finnlite). variation in for a 375 though for target just now and Africa beckons at some stage before age and arthritis gets too bad.

Might not contribute too much as I work abroad a lot but have found myself in here more often than anywhere else when I get a chance (and when I should be working!!).


Hi Andy,
Cheers. Assuming you stalk locally, any sign of muntjac near you at all? I've been told that they are on my mates patch east of Hereford but to date nothing seen.


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welcome to the site
I,m north of you in brum, plenty of muntjack up here mate
even get them on the grass in the middle of the main roads
early of a morning