Hello, new member


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im based in Cheshire, recently moved from Hertfordshire.
Bit of a novice stalker but very enthusiastic :D

been shooting since i was 11 with shotguns and rifles but just got my SGC a year ago. read up on my stalking books like the deer stalking handbook, humble pie and bds training manual ready for my DSC in august but found out i can't do the rifle test until i'm 17 so i'm waiting a year..

i havn't got any permission but my first stalk's coming up soon at the end of next month in Perthshire up north, hopefully going to connect with a roe buck!!

loads of of good stuff on here and looks like some decent blokes so look forward to speaking to you


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Welcome to the site AJWH as you can see, we are a friendly set on here. ;) Let us know how you get on next month, with some photos and a nice story.



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welcome, have a look at the march and shoot pages. You have come to a great place to start your stalking career, i am sure you will be well placed to pick up a lot of top tips and maybe some outings



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thanks all, sounds really promising (especially the outings part lol)

nice one tikka308 i don't know anyone close thats into stalking


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Welcome to the site. Nice to have young members onboard. As had been said before, ask away, learn and put in plenty of input.

PM me your address, I will send you the deer quest cd, a real gift to learn from for your DSC 1. I just did mine, the CD helped loads.

Just so you are aware though, the Deer Quest CD is no longer in production.

The one I have is also out of date.-

Be aware of the following-

1. Minimum caliber questions.
2. Deer seasons.

So long as you know the correct seasons, don't worry, but you NEED to answer incorrectly on the CD using Pre Oct 07 answers.

Does that make sense?

Hope so.


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Welcome AJWH
You will find some good people with lots of experience on here mate. Im a Friend of Tikka.308 (Andy) Im not a million miles away from you either my friend :D
Good luck on your stalk, take plenty of pics & post them up on the site :D


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cheers guys

good to know Nick, let me know if you need a hand :D
will do (just got the camera fixed)