hello sailor!!

Offroad Gary

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no not you Mr B :lol:

not stalking related i know but is anyone doing the round the island yacht race next weekend??

Offroad Gary

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we charter a yacht from mercury harbour in hamble (green sigma 38, "beefeater")

we will be moored solent side of the chain ferry at boat yard "rhp marine"

beer thursday in hamble :lol:
beer friday in cowes :lol: :lol:
beer saturday in cowes :lol: :lol: :lol:

if you fancy meeting to put name to face or raise a glass PM.




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Sorry Gary, thought you meant round this Island, (round Ireland)
which starts this weekend as far as I know.
We can sometimes see them pass from our house.
Also got cork week coming up next month, thats our neighbour club.