Hello to everyone


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Think I have been lurking around the forum long enough,
I live in the beautiful county of Dumfries & Galloway and just got into stalking last year, use a 22-250 at moment and have 300wsm on my ticket waiting to be filled.
Have shot for years but am a newbie at stalking so dont laugh if i ask a stupid question now and then.


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Hi Uzi4you,

Welcome, used to work at Castle Douglas - cold wet long winters, if the weather is poor here, my wife and I often say its a Castle Douglas day!

New myself - have not been shot down yet by the experienced members but I will probably be put in my place soon?

22-250 what a great round, have a 223 myself - ok but kind of wished I had gone for the 22-250.

Plenty of FC woodlands over your way and plenty of roe ?


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Live in Kirkcudbright so not that far away from CD, Loads of Roe about and plenty of places to shoot them. Land round here is all low hills and woodlands so no steep ascents, and plenty of backstops to shoot into.


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Welcome uzi4you, great area you live in.
I've just taken up a new lease not too far west of you, its a great part of the country and I always enjoy getting up there.