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I have just joined to hopefully get some advice about getting started in stalking.

I have my own shotgun and do a bit of game shooting each year and the occasional bit of rabbiting with an air rifle but have never done any stalking. Up until I started at University two years I was shooting .22 rifles twice a week for target shooting but didn't have time after going to University in England.

I'm now very keen to get into stalking and was wondering if I could have some advice as to how best to do this. I have shot full bore before but not much, only with cadets at school. I'm intending to rejoin my local rimfire target club as well but unfortunately there aren't any full bore clubs close to where I live.

I'm not quite sure how to go about getting into stalking, I'm happy to buy a day's stalking with some money saved but my main problem (I think) is my lack of full bore experience. Although I would say I'm a competent shot with a .22 I wouldn't have thought that experience would be that much use with full bore?


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Welcome to the forum, there is a fullbore club not far from Bridge of Cally, have sent you a pm about it
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