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Hi, I was encouraged to join by John when I made contact with him via the contact button. I have no experience or interest in deer stalking, but found your forum because someone approaching our Lyme Facebook Support group posted a thread as the source of her information about Lyme Disease, which she has contracted. I was very interested to read an informative first post and equally thoughtful later comments. Lyme Disease is something that is clearly of interest to deer stalkers but also to anyone coming into contact with the right sort of vegetation. My 26 year old daughter has been seriously ill for 6 years having contracted Lyme in an Oxford college, but only being diagnosed 2 years ago.


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Welcome, although sorry about the circumstances that brought you to this site. Hope your daughter makes a full recovery.


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Welcome to the site, glad you made it. Like I said I'm sure you will find the lads will be very helpful.