Hi I'm RodneyGlobeTrotter 63

Been shooting since 10 first with catapult, (how evil can kids be??) Then with a Gat, what a useless weapon that was, anyway it got me into shooting.

Next came the 22 bsa sporter air rifle now that was a step up with open sight.

Then a Webley and Scott .22 air rifle tap loader with under arm cocking, still got it it's such a lovey gun 50 years old and looks like new.

Shotguns came in 2002 , Browning A1 fixed 12g and still used today. Browning 325 12g my game gun. Mossburg 4.10 pump my Squig gun. Remmington 1100 12g my everything else gun.

Rifles came in 2014 , CZ .22 rim, Tikka .223 bolt, Howa .243 bolt.

Part time keeper and woodsman