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morning all, I spotted this great forum only recently so it's a pleasure to be a member.

i have just started using a centre fire rifle and have been testing various factory loads through my tikka t3x in 243. I have now worked out the most accurate loads for fox and deer so it's time to start using it on live quarry.

i have access to both muntjac and roe and have an experienced friend who's going to show me the ropes in terms of butchery as I hope to eat what I shoot.

i'm also a keen bunny shooter and have rimfire and air rifle at my desposal, which up to this point has been my main interest.

i do a bit of clay pigeon shooting too but I'm very average so need to get better before I have a go at the pigeons later in the year.

anyway I look forward to learning about deer stalking so thanks in advance.