Lord Nelson

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Hiya everyone, Im Neil. I live in Aberdeenshire, I have just today completed DSC1, and this was my first time shooting a rifle (actually holding a rifle also).
I had been asked to go stalking by a few pals in the past and started the process to get my FAC a few months back.
I plan to purchase a 6.5x55mm rifle in the near future.
I will also most likely purchase 2 shotguns 1 x semi auto under a pals advise and another more standard (side by side or over/under) still very new to all this

Kind regards



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Congrats on your DSC1 and welcome to SD. Personally I would advise against putting your own picture for your safety and avoid listing what you may get as it may have an impact on your personal safety. It might be safe out there but always good to be careful. Wish you loads of enjoyable time doing what you enjoy the most.