Just started stalking with a mate, dont have a rifle yet, but was looking at the remington 700 .308 with a t8 moderator. have also started stalking down next to thornhill at the moment and have also booked my dsc1 for after the new year.




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Welcome to the site - you'll find lots of good advice on stalking, rifles, optics and just about every other subject here on the Stalking Directory!

What part of the country are you located in? Multimap finds 7 different Thornhill's in the UK ;)



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Welcome to site, more info on here than you will ever need, but never enough to answer all your questions, ask away, join in and enjoy this place.

its actually Ae Forrest, Which is just next to thornhill at dumfries.
Im from glasgow myself.
On the Grounds Of Rifles etc. still unsure what to get as i am getting mixed opinions. I was told one of the best calibres to get would be .308 as i can easily move up or down depending on which type of deer im stalking wether it be roe or red. But on the other hand ive been told .243 as .308 can be to heavy a calibre.
Im also looking at optics too was looking at the hawke endurance 30.


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Can't comment on the Hawke, but if you're only going to have one rifle I'd certainly endorse the .308. It's the only calibre I use, on everything from muntjac and roe up to red......so it's not like I'm biased :D

I use the same round (150gr Nosler BT over 43.5 gr of V140) for all my stalking. I could go lighter on the muntjac and roe if I wanted, but the carcase damage is minimal so I like to keep things simple.

It's not a harsh round to fire - more kick than the .243 for sure, but nothing like as hard as the .270 IMHO.

You'll find a whole stream of threads on "the best calibre" here on the Directory - it's a bit like poking a hornet's nest with a pointy stick :) My two-penn'th is that if you want one rifle that will cope with anything it seems to boil down to .25-06, .270, 6.5x55, .303, .308, 30-06.

The reality of course is that, regardless of calibre, it's more about hitting the right animal in the right place! If you do, it will fall down.

One consideration is that if you intend to shoot abroad there are some countries where you're not allowed to have rifles of a 'military' calibre. But that could just be an excuse for buying another rifle :D


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Coice of rifle calibre.


Welcome to the forum.

I do not know enough about British deer to advise on calibre choice for them. But for African plains game the calibres mentioned by willie_gunn would be a good selection. Choosing a first, or only, rifle calibre does make me think me a youngster looking for a girlfriend/wife: There are blondes, brunettes, black heads and redheads: They all do the job! :lol: For rifles there are the calibres mentioned by willie_gunn, plus quite a few more. They all do the job. Never mind researching the facts but go with your heart! :D FWIW many of those is/was military calibres. :confused:

In good hunting.

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