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hello all my name is gerald and i live on the welsh border in shropshire just by knighton. my experience level is nill as yet soon to be rectofied i have got my f a c with a 243 and a 308 i have just passed my dsc 1 whitch i found to be very informative to some one like me just starting out but i know you all have differant views on this. i also do a bit of part time keepering on local fc woodland for a rough shooting syndicate.the wood holds lots of roe and fallow which i can only shoot with a camera but gives me grate insight into the life of my quarry. so i hope to pick all your brains from time to time :D :D :D


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Hi, Gerald,

Iv got no experiance to offer myself but i can say the guys on here are a friendly bunch and you'll get plenty of info too.
Good luck with your stalking in 2009 and look forward to hearing about it all on here.


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Welcome to the site. As Dano says, you'll find everyone here very helpful. From my own experience, don't be afraid of asking any questions - there is a wealth of talent on the site.