Hello !


Hello people - have just joined the Stalking Directory site although have dipped into it a few times recently for a wee nosey ! Interesting info from interesting people ! Keep up the good work.

Live in the District of Stirling and been stalking on and off for a number of years now, although am now doing a lot more. Hold DSC 1 & 2 but now learning more than ever, as now doing some work with a professional stalker.

I used to have an old .270 with T8 Reflex, and used Federal Powershok 130's which I used for foxes and deer. I have now bought myself a new Tikka T3 Lite stainless / synthetic, in .308 win. calibre, along with a new T8 Reflex.

I have bought a box of Federal Powershok 150's to try although have also bought ( on the advice of Gregor McLeod of R. Mcleod's of Tain - where I bought the rifle ) some Sako Gamehead 123 grain. He seems to sell a lot of them, although mainly in .270, and he tells me that they are a very flat shooting round. Certainly looking at the ballistic tables, with a zero of 150 metres, they do look promising !

Can anyone else recomend them ? I will be using them for fox, hill and woodland red deer and woodland sika deer, hence at varying ranges. I also have roe stalking although I would imagine they would do too much damage to a roe, so I will stick to using my .223 for them, unless anyone can tell me different.

Thanks in anticipation.