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Hi, just thought that I'd start off by telling you all a little bit about me, I have been a member here for a year but for what ever reason I havn't posted before.
Well what about me, I am a pro pest controler and live near Sunny Scarborough, my passion is Stalking and whilst I have only been stalking for about two and a half years I am well on with my DSC2 now.
I use a .243 and a .308 depending what deer are available on the day.
I do have some stalking rights on two farms but poachers have been very active (Lurchers) and this has ruined things for me. :cry: I would like to meet these people before they take everything that there is. :evil:
I also love to go foxing and have a dedicated .223 with a gen 2+ NV scope for this. It's a great set up and the foxes just love it! ;)
Anyway, thats me, looking forward to getting involved in the forum.
TTFN. Andy


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Welcome. Quite a few of us from Yorks on here I think.
Lurcher boys a real issue for me too, too close to teeside thats the trouble (not intended to insult the beneral populace). Lot of quads and stuff going round us at the moment too.
What make NV you on?

Danger Mouse

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It's just a Ruski job mate but does the job very well.
I know what your talking about with the quads, they're running them on motor cross bikes here too. The lurcher mob don't seem to care who see's them either, but I am yet to catch them in the act at mine, on another farm where we shoot there are / were only 2 Roe does, their heads were found last week in a hedge bottom, needless to say dog prints all around! :(