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Good afternoon all,

Another newby joining the ranks by the name of Joe (Swindon area)

I'm 21, Been shooting for a fair amount of time only ever been break barrel .22 air rifles apart from my time in the CCF where i shot many a different rifles.

I've recently purchased my first pcp, A logun Solo .22 with a bipod attachment, 10 shot Magazine attachment, a 12x scope, All came with bar the mag attachment, A rather dandy rifle i think.

I was just wanting to say hi, And Introduce myself as I've been asked to. My prefered things to shoot are targets but I would like to go out rabbit shooting and get to use my rifle properly. My good friend dave who lives down the road from me is the reasoning behind me wanting to shoot, and I was hoping this site could help me go into the right directions.

Cheers guys :)

Mot man

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Hi buddy and welcome,you will find this a very usefull site for all aspects of hunting and info