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Greetings from Tyneside,have enjoyed shooting rimfires/Shotguns for years & finally realised at 66 it was time to move up to centrefire,so really joined the forum to learn from you all.
Regards: Duncan


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Hi and welcome Duncan to SD I'm sure you won't be short of help and advice bazil


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Hi there Drut, Old Neilo here I am 74 years old and I do not post too much on this forum but I log in every day and check out what is happening. The different topics on this forum are a wealth of information. If you like hunting or target shooting you will enjoy.

Me i love Parker Hale rifles and all I can say to you is choose your caliber then find it in a Parker hale. I had a new PH Custom No 4 in 1979 iron sights and it shot groups of less than 2" at 100 yards. I used to work away for weeks at a time, came home one day to a empty home the wife sold all my guns and bolted.

Went back to the gun shop but could not get another. Mate I looked for many years until I found a NO4 PH on the net
in mint condition and it shoots under 2" I do like .303. However any PH in good condition of any caliber will be just about a tack driver.

Have fun looking Neilo