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Hi guys my names jon and im from the north east just a quick message to say hi, ive been stalking now for around a year with 10 stalks and had 7 beast i have just put in my variation for a new rifle and also about to do my dsc1 qual im always activly looking for experience and always new people to meet so if there is anyone out there who would be willing to take me stalking or even just stalking with them then that would be hugely appreciated im obviousely willing to pay or help out on land in return for peoples help im sensible and honest hpe that gives you a little picture of me and what im about cheers! :)


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welcome jon

Welcome aboard mate.

there are 100000s of years experience here.

please ask what you want when you want.



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Hi Gamegunner,
Welcome, can I ask you to read the threads and various posts and get to know the members of the site. Many new members recieve stalking invitations but we like to get to know people first. Once you have made a few posts and members find out more about you, where you live, stalking experience etc I'm sure you will get lots of offers. Have a look at our auction thread plenty of stalking, shooting and fishing on there! :D

Good Luck! ;)


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:) cheers beowulf thats a great help id just thought i would give people an initial insight of me and where i am with my stalking many thanks for your reply!


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We are a friendly bunch generally and willing to help out geunine folks. Please ask as many questions as you like. Can I ask you for a first name and a location? You may find that you have many of our members on your door step. :D


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Welcome to the site GameGunner. enjoy the site, as had been said already, post away, learn loads and join in the banter.

Have a look at the March and Shoot Auction.



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Hello and welcome GG

What have you been shooting with up until now? and what have you applied for on your variation?



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Hi guys ive just put a picture on the trophy room section of me and my first roe buck 4 pointer shot on my first stalk with my first shot take a look at it i would put it in here but not sure how to let e know what you think ?
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