Helo i gyd


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Hello All
My Name is Dean, I live in Cardiff have been shooting for 33 years had my first certificates when I was 17 and no the maths don't add up because I'm still 21 :lol: not that my body would agree that seems to think I'm 50 bloody body :cry:
some of you guys might already know me.
I do a little reloading, .38s & .357 Mag, .303 British, .223Rem, .243Win and my .45 muzzle loading BP rifle but that's more of reloading each round on the day :doh:
am a member of a couple of clubs though I haven't done any shooting on the ranges this year need to get back into the range use, it's just been a simple case of club or other :-| and that includes taking grand kids out ;)
I have a lot of experience of vermin shooting with shotgun and rifle 33 years worth not a fan of using shotgun on fox I prefer to use a rifle, but don't have much experience on deer shooting the one of the places I shoot on has fallow deer on it I have never been on any deer shooting trips to England or Scotland though I would love too, only have a .243win at the Moe just doing a variation little bit unsure of .308 or .270 but to be on safe side gone with .308 so that's me.
looking forward to getting to know you all,