Help ! Egw dual ext Remington rail wanted


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Kinney's stock EGW and are happy and quick to send across to us..... Kinney Kinney's Shooting Supply

If you can't find it on the site a quick email to Patrick Kinney should sort you out....he's really helpful.

I turned the rail I got for my Tikka 595 round to give me more slots for better eye relief with my Done Pro NV 'scope....... but as the holes drilled in the rail are countersunk (counterbored?) to different depths to allow 4 screws the same length to be supplied, it mean't that the back two holes were now too shallow to give the screws much depth in the action. Cody Peters of EGW kindly sent me some longer ones to sort that.

So good service all round!!

Kinneys also good for Sako and CZ rimfire bits and pieces... DIP rails for one. :D