Help looking for an ultra lightweight rib spreader.


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As above but there is a catch. It will double up to spread the legs when doing a suspended field gralloch where each hock is suspended from cable to a pulley. Looking for a 'lifehack' type solution. What do you use?


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Length of rigid plastic pipe with a notch cut in each end?

Not my idea but I know that works for Colin (SolwayStalker). Can't think of any reason it couldn't also be used as you describe to keep legs spread when on a hoist.


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I've made up some chest spreaders from blue water pipe cut to size and with a V notch in either end - made 2 sizes - one for small deer (roe/muntjac/CWD) and a larger one for red/fallow/sika. They work a treat and are easy to clean as well as being free!


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Happy to if you can make do with the following until I'm next on a fallow:

The wee saw makes stick cutting & notching easy. It all fits neatly into my bum bag and weighs nothing.

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I like that K - I've some pulleys etc from an old dinghy in the garage - I think I'll be nicking your idea!!