HELP need RWS .243 100 gr and I can't find any!

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Hi All

I have got my Husky .243 shooting really nicely with RWS in 100 gr. I am down to 21 bullets left, and have my DSC1 on 6-8 Sept. I cannot find them anywhere at the moment, for love nor money!

If i can't find any I just need to hope I pass the shooting test second go at worst. Anyway i need more whatever happens.

Has anyone got any ideas - I am in Haywards Heath, W Sussex.

Thanks in advance



Hi Will

We have 15 boxes in stock - and would be happy to send them to your RFD for you if you cannot find any locally (your RFD may charge for doing this). Give us a call on 0845 226 0469 if you need any help.

Best wishes

The BushWear Team



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Richard wells
the gunshop haslemere
01428 651913
I know he had some , give him a try



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I have one box of RWS .243 but the bullet weight is 96gn
I also have one box of Hirtenberger ,243 100gn
It's a long way to come but if you are interested £35.00 for the two boxes.
Or if you have anybody passing by, I live not far off the A303 near Stonehenge, arrangements can be made !!
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