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Wanted: Help needed

Byron 243

Well-Known Member
Hi guys anyone in Cheshire /north Wales who could possibly help me with showing me how to reload for a 6.5x55 please as it is something I've been thinking of for a while but like anything I would sooner have someone with experience just to show me the ropes regards Byron


Well-Known Member
Hi Byron, I would recommend buying “Modern Reloading“ by Richard Lee, it is a good reloading guide, and has lots of data for most calibers. Then at least if you find a mentor, at least you will know enough to sanity check the process they show you. Bear in mind everyone has different expectations for home loads. The chap I sit next to at work loads for his bench rest FTR rifle & 1000 yard rifles, he has many extra steps in his process than me. I load for a cost effective round that performs well inside 200 yards, but do not pursue ultimate accuracy.