Help needed.


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Hi folks just looking some information regarding something I think I am doing wrong. What I am after is that I am new to reloading and basically starting out. There is something that I am possiably doing wrong when seating the bullet, when I seat the bullet in the case and take it out of the press when the bullet is slightly pressed it will go down into the brass case. Is there something that I am doing wrong when resizing the brass? Surely the bullet shouldn't be able to be moved at all?


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Hi oman,the first thing I would suggest are the sizing/bullet seating die's correctly fitted in the press ? I don't know what die's your using but follow manufactures instructions as to their correct position in the press, and be sure to press down firmly when sizing approx 25lbs force is required to size properly it is difficult to answer your question accurately without knowing these details do you have access to a good reloading manual ? if not as a suggestion I would invest in Richard lees book modern reloading this will prove invaluable in your learning hope this helps.