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:confused: can anyone tell me the legality of purchasing bullet heads from the usa. i have heard various explanations please help! :(


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wise man - here I go with my old horse - they are not bullet heads - they are bullets!

Having said that and with apologies for my pedantry, there is no restriction on you importing bullets from the USA.

That is, providing the said bullets are legally available to you on your FAC.

In other words, FMJ, HPBT, Match and all bullets "not designed to expand" - fill your boots.

If you have a FAC condition for "expanding missiles", then you probably should import them via your friendly local RFD.

BUT - and it is a big but - the USA has recently strengthened its anti-export laws and most of the mail order or internet houses will no longer ship bullets directly to the UK.

This will probably change, as soon as the US realises that Al Q'aeda does not buy much from Midway - but I am not holding my breath.

Turned into a rant - I'll call my taxi.


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Already replied to this on UKV forum, however:

To export bullets from the USA you need a FFL export licence, if they are shipped without the sender commits a FEDERAL Offence (Jail)

This is regardless of non expanding (match) or Sect 5 (expanding)

If you are bringing them in for yourself (personal import) you can get a letter from the DTI (BERR) which will say something along the lines of (Dear Sir, you may import xxxxx into the UK providing this import complies with the necessary Firearm Certificate.

(yes I know you can legal hold non expanding bullet (heads) without a certificate)

I have the e-mail address of the chap who is responsible for sending out the above letters and have imported items (including rifle actions) for my own use in the past.

You also need to arrange a third party in the states to apply for the FFL paperwork and of course there are shipping costs, import duty in the UK and VAT to pay when everything gets here.

The third party in the US will cost about £70.

I doubt you would save much if anything on a personal import for bullet heads.

Ive brought bullets in from Canada and Germany without problems, but these are really specialised for rifles I have built myself.

If you want the contact details for the DTI just ask and I will PM them to you.

Simple process, the biggest delay is waiting for FFL paperwork to be completed and authorised (6- 12 weeks) and then the wait for UK Customs to clear the goods (up to 7 weeks in my experiences)


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Importing firearm related equipment from the US has become damn near impossible. I tried to buy a scope from 2 different companies and they refused to process the order as it was being shipped to the UK. I even asked a friend who was in the states to buy it for me and they wouldn't process the order as the CC was UK issued.

Their reason for this was that the item could be used against the US in a terrorist situation. what crazy times we live in


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I would ask around if I were you.

There is no restriction on scope sales to the UK

Just last night I bought two scopes in the US without any problem, they are being shipped today.

They are brand new.

I have worked out I will save maybe £100 on each one by the time they get to me (they are $1900 USD value each :eek: )

Not much savings I agree, "but a penny saved" :lol:

I may be pursueded to part with one if you really want an NXS 8-32x56?


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Do you mind me asking who you bought the scopes from? I dealt with Cabelas and optics planet. The offical note from Optics planet was as follows:

Unfortunately, at this time we are not allowed to ship this product outside of the United States due to U.S. Federal regulations. All of the following items listed below are also subject to this restriction:

1. Night Vision Equipment and Night Vision Accessories such as: Monoculars, Binoculars, Goggles, Weapon Sights, Cameras, and Multipurpose Systems of Generation 2, 3, 4, or 5 2. Thermal Imaging Equipment, Heat Seekers and Weapon Mounted Accessories 3. Optical Sighting Equipment, Accessories, and Mounting Hardware of any kind, including: Riflescopes, Holographic Sights, Reflex Sights, Red Dot Sights, Laser Sights, and Bore Sights.
4. Tactical Flashlights and other sorted accessories for the above listed equipment.

Also, if an item is intended to be attached to or to be used with a weapon of any kind, we will not export and will not assist directly or indirectly with exporting it!

Also, please note that we will not sell any of the aforementioned items to domestic customers who intend to export these restricted items out of the country.


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If you really want to know PM me, I prefer not to say in open forum as I have a good relationship with this company.

I ask that you do not post in open forum which company it is as it may cause them problems and ultimately cause them to cease sending these items to the UK if the UK retailers complain to the manufacturers- yup I am serious :!:


It may be the case that certain people have had small amounts of bullets shipped "under the wire" and got away with it.

But if you ask any of the larger companies to send bullets to the UK from the US all will ask for FFL accreditation.

That is my recent experience anyway.

I looked at bringing in 3000 180g Bergers recently - they are £30 /100 here. Tow thirds that price across the pond, but when you have sorted FFL documents, paid for shipping and import duty, it makes it less attractive.


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Completely understand and respect your wishes to keep the company name off the open forum. I wouldn't want to cause problems here or in the US.



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3000 is over the limit for wavier of export license Sinclair Intl will ship to the UK without export license as long as the qty does not exceed the USA requirements for wavier of export license of 1000 bullets max.


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Wiseman as 300 has said there is another thread on this matter and it does look as if its possible. Contact BASC and they will confirm this I think!



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It never ceases to amaze me how we get shafted on everything we buy in this country, how can they justify this :evil:
Not just shooting paraphanalia cars everything.. jesus what a scam are the yanks actually smarter than us? That is a realy scarey thought
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