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With a bit of luck I will soon be negotiating for my first piece of stalking land with a keeper, it holds roe and fallow (circa 2,000 acres woods and arable ).

My problem is what do I offer - he doesn't know what to ask for and I don't know what to offer, my options (are there any others) will be
1. A straight rental fee per acre or per year £?
2. Fee per animal shot
3. Share of venison
4. Share of the proceeds if I put the carcases to market.

Which one or combination - an idea of rental prices would also help as I might have to package some of the options together.


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Hi Tony

I pay £2.00 per acre for some of the stalking i have, this is for 1000 acres of mixed arable/woodland with good population of roe and some fallow and muntjack.

check it out befor you take it on, see what of sort population you have first, check out the brouse lines on the hedges, slots in the woods ect.

good luck cookingfat

Robin Hood

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The standard forestry fee is usually £2 and acre for an exclusive lease, some pay a lot more, some pay less.

If it works out at £100 per beast, regardless of species or sex, then you've got it for what appears to be the average figure for a forestry lease.



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tony make the guy an offer if hes happy he will accept
you can allways up it next year if your happy
and there are plenty of deer about dont go in too high then find out its shot out .

widows son

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Just ask him what he's wanting for it you could win a watch, if its too much you can then tell him what the guide line prices are, if he's know knowledge of the prices let him tell you .

Monkey Spanker

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Offer him a professional standard service of deer management, a regular supply of venison and a bottle of scotch at Xmas ;)
If he wants any more I'm sure he will tell you!
I don't pay a thing for any of my stalking and I have lots!
Some landowners just want the job doing properly. I have even been asked how much I will charge THEM!! My response to that is that I charge a performance related amount, in that I get to keep all that I shoot. I always offer an amount of venison back though!
Don't show all your cards until you have to!
Good luck! :)


Monkey is right that's the way i do mine i have a good lot of ground and i do all the vermin control even the moles for that i get the deer stalking. i will give them a bottle at Christmas. Asked why i do it i just tell them because i like it. ps give them venison that has been prepared properly eg butchers standard and not to much. ;)


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I agree with Monkey Spenker, if you can get it for nothing by offering a good deer management sevice then all well and good.
as i said i only pay for one piece of very good stalking, all the rest is free, TonyC asked for some rental guide prices and thats the going rate in these partes.



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Many thanks for the input, I think Monker Spanker (yes I have googled it !!!!!!) has the best way to start, I have outlined a basic management plan to the keeper so I have that down as a marker and I will gradually up the offer to reach agreement.