Help with a Roe Headskin and some other bits.


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I have a Roe headskin, that is skinned back behind the shoulders, with the skull still in the cape, plus antlers obviously. It has been in the freezer since last summer after a friend from New Zealand shot it. I would like to have it fully skinned and tanned, then the skull cap cleaned and the whole lot sent to a taxidermist in the North Island of NZ. I have had this done twice before by a taxidermist in Rochester, Kent, but he has since retired.

Also to go in the same package would be one cleaned and peroxided muntjac skull, two skull capped fallow sets, and possible a frozen fox tail that also needs tanning (but with need to check the freezer for that!)

I am looking for a taxidermist who might be willing to take on the job. Preferably in the Southeast so I can hand deliver, as I dont fancy posting it all.
I have personally posted heads to NZ and as far as Im aware the only paperwork required is a declaration that it was taken legally, the full species name, and that it has been treated to the correct standard. Then it should arrive with no drama.