Help with gralloching DVD


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Hallo all. I have ordered a gralloching DVD online but it now looks like the dvd will not be here before I set off for Scotland on Friday. I had a look on youtube but there seem to be so many videos, and I feel I am not able to tell the difference between a good and a bad technique. As I do not want to start by learning the wrong way, I was wondering if someone could point me to the right direction. The DVD I ordered is the BDS one, I know it is supposed to be the best, this is why I went for this. But now I need a solution untill it arrives. The problem is I am going stalking on my own (the first stalk I will be doing on my own) and if I am lucky enough to get a deer, I need to have a decent idea how to gralloch. Many thanks!


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You really know how to jump in the deep end with this one!, have you prepared any other game for the table?
:) Thanks, I know. I have been shown how to do it a couple of times, but it was a few months ago. I have prepared several hares and ducks, geese and the odd pigeon for the table. I just need to refresh my memory and assure myself...

So can you help?


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the only way to learn is get stuck in, that how i did it .

read up, but you cant beat hands on.

all you have to remember is seal top end and seal bottom end and take through the middle.