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sussex lad

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I could do with a little help with getting an open ticket for my 6.5x55.

I ahave recently done my DSC1 so applied for a variation for a 6.5 for fox and deer,and to have CWD and Munties added to my ticket which was all granted.
But the problem is its not open for the 6.5, but all my other rifles are and have been for a few years now.
When i phone up to query this a got put through to the head of dept, i asked why i hadnt been given an open for the 6.5 when all my other rifle are including my .223.
His reply was as i dont have any experiance with a "proper" deer rifle caliber and as he has a responsablity to the public to ensure their safety, he wouldnt grant me an open for it.
The first problem i have with this is that the only bit land i have cleared for 6.5 is in Devon and i live in Sussex.
I have had c/fires for over 5 years now and its been open for 3 years now, so how much experiance do you need..
A rifle is a rifle no matter what caliber its, and safe shot is still safe wether i use my .22 or the 6.5 exactly the same critiea apply to both rifles.
Also i can shoot Muties and CWD with my .223 on any of my land if i deem if safe to do so, but not with my 6.5.
I will call BASC tomorrow to see what they have to say.
I hope my ramblings above make sense, sorry if they dont but i'm still pretty pi@@ed off about this whole thing and the attiude of the guy..

sussex lad

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Re: update

swampy said:
sussex lad,
please keep us updated on this.

I have contacted BASC with this and i am awiting there reply.
They have a bit of a backlog as they where away at the CLA, but they have promised to get back to me this week.

But i called Sussex Firearms again today for another chat about this.

To ask exactly what he ment by experiance with this caliber, his reply was buy the gun and do 1 season with it then he would open it up.

So i could buy it and loads of ammo ,leave it in the safe for a season then have it opened without even fireing it!!!!

Madness!!! :eek:


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open ticket

yes you could do that with buying the ammo and storing it, but i am sure you wouldn't lie to your local licencing office!
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