Hendrix sister and mother - nice boar work

Keith Edmunds

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Our Hendrix's litter sister Himera and mother Palinka have just spent two days on a driven wild boar hunt.........

Bassotto di Corleone Himera (1 year old) traveled 16km. This hunting was her first driven hunt, she worked amazingly, barked the boars, searched well, not lost, I am very satisfied with her working stlye!

We joined to the second round of the driven hunt with Palinka z Dziada Pradziada where she went around 8km with Bassotto di Corleone Himera. After, we got a call that they wounded a boar, so decided to work on it.
The wounded, stomach shot boar went around 2500-3000m, we catched in the 13th wounded bed with Bassotto di Corleone Himera and Palinka z Dziada Pradziada. The situation was very dangerous, cause the main road was very close to us and I crept on my knees until the wild boar in the thick bushes, where I finally gave grace shot. Very hard, long work, day was to my dogs, but they not gave up!

Palinka and Himera.jpgPalinka and Himera 2.jpgGabor.jpg