Henry Kranks - Excellent Service


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I was trying to work out a new foxing load a couple of weeks ago and managed to get a case stuck solid in the Full Length die (yes it was lubed). After trying various ways of extracting the case it became obvious that brute force and ignorance was going to the only way of persuading it back out. In getting the case out I managed to snap the pin on the end of the decapping mandrel.

I rang Henry Kranks who I brought the dies from and explained what had happened, that I had broken the pin and needed a new decapping mandrel. Unfortunately they didn't have a spare in stock and wouldn't be able to get a replacement for a few weeks at best. Damn!

No problem I was told, we will make you one! This was on the Thursday afternoon and Monday morning it arrived in the post and they didn't charge me for it (although I did order a couple of other bits and pieces)...

To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.