Here is one for Stone


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did you see the price of the grey suirrel? £97.99
how much would a white one be or even a red one be?
and the cased fox ?
looks like there could be a collection for sale soon :lol:


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I saw the head mounted Baboon and thought of you mate! After seeing the price of 'Chuffy' I'm off to stuff animals in unatural posses for large sums of money. No change there then! :eek: :lol:

Look at this website.
Stuffed dog in glass box £650! :eek: 'A Selection of Brown Rats £150 each!' :eek: I know what I want for Christmas.....'NOT!' :lol:

Nice Beaver! :evil:

Andy L

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Mr. B., I am sure I have already seen some photos of you stuffing animals in unnatural poses! Alledgedly!