Here she is..


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Got a black lab on the farm called Fern. Crazy thing thinks it is a greyhound. Charges around the yard in her retirement these days. Lovely nature though.

Byron 243

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Cracking pup that is I've got three of the buggers wouldn't be the same without them years of loyalty and someone that will listen to you to a certain extent anyway good luck with it :thumb:


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Picked her up yesterday - so pleased with her! View attachment 142698
Aww, she's a beaut, we picked up a cocker this summer & she's going to be good on deer based on our work so far.

You might want to have a read up on antlers- some will suggest you don't use antlers as chews, or only from certain species (the hardness varies apparently) to avoid dental bills.
Ears & lower legs are fine & act as natural de-wormers (based on what I've read) & use only non-load bearing bones (ie not femur)


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If her temperament is any thing like my cocker , your bound to get more attention from the dog than the wife , that’s how it is in my family anyway , lol
Looks a cracker

Red Dragon 2

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Coloured collars don't work for us, they disappeared only to be returned 2 days later from the other end!!! Luckily they passed through intact and all where accounted for (pups were only 4 weeks old), nail varnish is used now.
Hopefully our youngest bitch will be having a litter in January.


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she's a cracker, and a second concern about antler, on a puppy shes going to lose her pup teeth anyway, but antler has been known to cause cracked molars in adult dogs and it's extremely painful for the dog, in addition to being expensive to remedy.
I have two dogs at this time that both have immense power in the jaws, but I never give them anything that I cannot make a dent in with my fingernail. :thumb:


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My Cocker lost a tooth to a bone. Cracked the side off and exposed the dentine. £1200+ quote for a root canal and filling. Or £270 to have it pulled either way expensive mistake.
lovely looking pup by the way. I would have a lab but the wife wouldn’t agree too many spaniels already apparently.

Yokel Matt

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And here she is, making a good start to her first season. I could see where the buck dropped but she couldn’t because of the height of the hedge. I’d left the damn lead behind as well but she kept heel well and behaved herself. Took her to the strike spot and after a bit of initial confusion she did the rest. So proud of her, half a kidney and a slice of liver for reward!