Herefordshire Roe Buck

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04.45 meeting Chris (bandit country) in the village car park ,well somebody's alarm didn't go off so it was 05.15 in the car park, but these things happen. The patch of ground is only 5 mins down the road anyway....
Parked up in the gateway, put a sign up to warn people that thre was shooting in progress. Got kitted out, chambered a round and made safe and informed and showed Chris that this was the case. Made progress along the edge of the wood which is 2 sides of a square with a river below, we were on the top edge where the fields are unduelating and have lots of dips. Nothing in the fisrt field , so progressed along through gateway into the second field. By this time the early summer sun was up and getting warm.

We reached the brow in the field which looks over the top corner and top edge of the wood, running left to right. I was in front and stopped, spootted movement along wood edge, gestured to Chris where it was, we glassed it and it was a fallow doe, then I looked to the right and spotted a roe buck out in the clover( about 18 inches deep, good organic silege in the making). Chris ranged the fallow at 194m. Ranged the buck at 135m.

They were looking at each other and weren't aware of our presence, then the lower branches moved inside the wood behind the fallow doe it was a pricket. By this time the buck had layed down with only it's head showing, keeping a eye on the fallow.

We waited and watched, the fallow and pricket moved away to the right.
It was now 06.00 and we could only see the bucks head, waited and waited he had now completley settled down and disappeared in the clover.
Then I spotted movement to our left and charlie had decided to make an apperance, he looked about for 5 mins and sensed something not right and moved away back into the wood.
Still the buck hadn't showed it was now 06.50 so I said to Chris ' what about coughing or a whistle to get his attention' so we tried and tried , nothing, squeaked , nothing. This organic clover must be like eating a sleeping pill!!!!
Then eventually an ear popped up, then a head and he was up. Broadside on, shot on I thought, But he decieded to clean his flank, by this time my heart was racing, right calm down, breathe nice and steady, he will stop in a minute. Then the moment came, he stopped cleaning and was looking into the sun, set the trigger, control your breathing, squeezed the trigger. The 95 gr Accutip fizzed across the clover and hit home. Chambered another round, kept him in the scope, he turned to show the other flank and I could see the exit wound. He walked 10-15 mand he was down.
As I fired Chris saw a doe get up 20m away from the buck, she just stood there. Out of the corner of our eyes we saw the fallow and her pricket coming back, the fallow doe came running across to where the buck was down, looked at him and then took back for the wood, by this time the doe had moved off back to the wood as well.



After inspecting the carcass, the bullet had hit the very top of the heart and took out a lung.

I'd like to thank Chris for his company on a lovely summer morning and a successful stalk. I look foward to many more........


Site Staff
Nice write up, and the photographs to illustrate your story were great. Well done, more of the same please.

Very decent of that buck to give you time to use the camera, they are not always that thoughtful :D

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