hey, im back!!....but, with regret..dog needs a new home!

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hello all,
sounds like you all had a great time at the quex, good to hear!!......after a good few months i have returned, thanks to all those who have been in touch,stone and beowulf especially, it means a lot!!
my marriage has now broken down and i am now seperated.......my main concern now is to re-home my beloved dog who has also been neglected!!
as some of you will know he is a 7 month old hannovarian/bavarian dog called 'alfie'
he has had basic obedience training and will sit and stay, he is very friendly and great with kids. unfortunately i have not had the time to start him on blood tracking but he is at a great time in his life now with puppy hood over to train.
although his welfare and finding the right home is important to me he does carry a price tag of £500.
he is fully vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped.....he will also come with a very large indoor cage if required.

and here he is......................


as you can see he is a beautiful dog in prime condition!!
he will be sadly missed and anyone interested in taking on 'the best in the business' then pm me for more details.

hope to be back to my best in the forum very soon.

all the best

simon (duggers)


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Welcome back Duggers mate, It hasn't been the same without you.
Alfie is a stunning beast and I imagine you will get plenty of offers for him. I'm just going to buy myself a lottery ticket see if I can't raise the funds for a new doggie! ;)


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welcome back duggers,hope all works out for you mate,what a cracking dog he looks.im sure you will have no trouble finding him a good home.


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good to have you back duggers, I am afraid my missus has stated that we will be a dog free zone when our current pair go to the big kennel in the sky, but I am sure someone will take him on, he is a beautiful dog.


Andy L

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Good to see you back Duggers. I am sorry to hear your situation.
Your dog is stunning and I would love it. Unfortunately, I have no room for another dog.
Keep your chin up mate.


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Good hear your back duggers. I am sorry to hear about your marraige. I would love to take on your dog for you unfortunately I have no room at present. He is a very good looking example of that cross.


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The reason I'm glad you are back Duggers is because I got the blame for the 'Beaver' jokes! Now its your turn to take your medicine young man! :lol:

Nick Gordon

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Hi Simon,

Sorry to hear about your probs.

Just a quick though about Alfie - have you considered putting him in to kennels or do you know a friendly keeper or stalker who might take him on a temporary basis - at least till you know what's happening.

It would be a shame to lose such a lovely dog :(



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hello all,
thankyou to everyone for your kind words and support, i am pleased to say i have found alfie a superb new home with one of the sites regular members.
he will be doing what he is best at and working with deer!!
this pleases me a lot and i know he will have a great life with this person, :D

thanks again!!




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Hi Rarms

Yes you do, how is Gabi, could you post a pic of her for me, its nice to see how the pups turned out.


andy stalker

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alfie starting triaining

Hi Everybody here are some pictures of Alfie, hes getting on well in his new home and has been stalking with me for the last 5 evenings.The person in the picture is not me, but a friend of mine, Tony. I just tag along with him to give the dog some work. I will keep you all posted on his progress. well bred Mark.




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that blooming fantastic to see alfie will be used for everthing he was bred for
some home it looks like you hav gone to look forward to hearing from you in the future
good choice of home by the looks as it looks like alfie is set up for life
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