Heym 7x57

I have Just got my self a Heym SR21 7x57 . Has anyone got any info on which cartridge works best in these rifles.
Happy New year.

Heym SR20

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My Heym SR20 in .243 shoots clover leaf groups with RWS 100gn ammo and to be honest I have never tried anything else. When I bought it from JR Roberts and Sons that was the ammo they recomended RWS for Heyms since its German.

But as you know what one rifle likes another can't stand.
Will give the RWS a go. Looking at there web site the simplest cartridge one can get is the 120 grn KS . All the others seem to be dual core, I like to keep things simple.
Federal and Winchester are the other to options.
Have herd that Federal is get hard to come by?
Any views.

Heym SR20

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I would try three or four brands, probably the one that your dealer has in stock and are easist to get hold off. A good soft point bullet should be fine for 90% of what you shoot, and certaily more than enough for the UK.

Make sure everyting is tight on the rifle and give it a good clean. Check the barrel is free floating, if it is meant to be - you should be able to slip a piece of paper and run it down the length of the barrel. A second hand rifle may well be gummed up with old oil, straw, bits of chewing gum etc. (My Heym was when I got it). Give the barrel a good clean.

Shoot some groups from a clean barrel and solid rest - couple of fouling shots and then two three shot groups, taking your time over the groups - let the barrel cool between shots. And then give the barrel a good clean before shooting the next brand.

Once you find a brand your rifle likes - ie it shoots the tightest group, sight the rifle to this - I like mine to shoot 1 inch high at 100yds - it is then within 1 inch of point of aim all the way out to 215 yds.

Take a note of the batch number and then get as much of that batch as you can, given your licence and finances etc. Even 100 rounds should last you a while.

Then shoot the rifle from field positions - off sticks, from a bipod, off a sling, off a rolled up guns slip etc and learn how the rifle shoots. Most rifles will shoot differently depending on how they are held and the position they are shot from.

You will have left over ammo from other batches and brands - use this up as plinking ammo to really learn how to shoot the rifle.

Craig Boddington's Accurate Rifles is well worth a read - try Amazon.

Have fun.
Many Thanks for the kind advice. I have not yet had a chance to zero the rifle as the weather up here for the last week has not been good . Today to top it off the snow is going passed the window at about 60 mph, I have not been to the hill yet , if I can get out of the house!!!
Will let you know how I get on.

Heym SR20

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Have a look at www.xcweather.co.uk - live wind speeds from around the UK - Glen Ogle is currently gusting to 99MPH and the station is not even at the top of the hill. Hope it lessens off a wee bit for next week when have a day up in Glen Lyon, or even for Saturday when have a day driven pheasants.

What bullet drift do you get with 50mph and .243 100gn bullet????!!!!
Managed to get out onto the hill this afternoon to do a few jobs.
Not a cloud in the sky lots of snow , but it was very hard to stay on ones feet. The wind at one point was so strong it flipped the quad over(Honda 500) .Had a hell of a job righting the thing again!!!
Your pheasents will be flying like rockets!!
Hi there fellow Heym 7x57 owner, do you buy or home load your ammo? I have been the proud owner of a Heym Trophy 7x57 for over 12 years and it is without doubt one of the finest all round calibers around, the 6.5x55 swedish comes close though, if you are buying your ammo stick with the 139,140 or 150 grain bullets, Norma, Sako or Lapua brands are the best, plus if you save the brass you will have a top case to home load with, if you are a home loader the same applies 139,140 or 150 grain bullets, my rifle shoots sub 1/2'' groups at 100yards with home loads with a muzzle velocity around 2600 ft per second, if you load much faster the accuracy will suffer, one last very important tip, watch out for copper build up in the barrel, there are a lot of gun cleaners that claim to remove the copper fouling, most don't, I have found Sweet's the most effective.
Good luck with your new Heym, I'm sure that you will never want to part with it.
What an awesome rifle the Heym is and the 7x57 is one great caliber to use. Had one years ago (an old BSA).
The rifle loves the federal (blue box) with Hot core 140grs. Shoots very good groups at 100yrd 2" high for a 200 yrd zero.
I think I might try the Federals (red box) with the Nosler Partitons. The hot core seem to got all over the place once the beast is hit. ie , hit in the heart lung area and comes out through the stomoch area . This has happened at least four times on roe does and about the same on fallow bucks.
So will try the 140grn Nosler Partitions. Any views!!