Heym mounts and rings?


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Does anyone know what the rings are on Heym mounts?

I have just bought a Heym which comes with mounts and 25mm rings, I want to use 30mm rings so any help will be much appreciated because I know Reeves are well known for leaning heavily upon the invoice pen ;)

Thanks in advance, Simon


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SR20 or 21? Burris mounts look the part on a Heym without breaking the bank balance.


It's a 21 7x57 with swing off's, it's just a shame they are 25mm. I believe that the rings can be changed on the quick release mounts that are fitted. I just wondered if they were a standard ring mount combination and where they were sourced?

I will have to wait for the rifle to come to me and then have a good look at them and see what can be done.



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I know reeves used to adapt the leupold qr mounts to fit the heym if so you will be laughing as a set of rings are around £30,