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I use all Heym rifles, 22-250 sr30,30-06 sr30 and 458 safari (untill its replaced with an even specialer one).
Anyone else use them? any comments?
I got the 30-06 for my 1st Africa trip in 1995, and never used the 243 again and they were exactly the same rifle except for the size of the hole in the end.Just personal preference I suppose.
When I wanted a 22-250 I rang Heym and they said; "nope, they don`t make one and weren`t considering it", so Litts got me a 308 action and sent it to Callum Ferguson, all I wanted was a 22-250 to shoot foxes with a light,fast and flat bullet, and boy oh boy does it do that !
Owe alot of thanks to Dave G @ Litts for all the help there.
They fitted a Schillin 26 in barrel, and basically was tailored to shoot Federal 40gr hollow points and it does it very well.
About 12 mnths after my 22-250 was finished, Heym brought out there 22-250 range, did I give them the idea I wonder ? ha ha
The 458 I bought for my first Buffalo hunt, and thats a craker too,will be shame to get rid of it, but can`y justify 2 big rifles realy, or can I ?
I use Swarovskis on all of them and I am more than happy with the rifles and the `scopes.
Would love a double next too, but will have to see how things go.


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Have had them in the past, Heym SR 40, I think. Had them in .222 - .243 and .308 all I can remember about them really is that they had lovely Tyrolean stocks but in all cases crap triggers, gradually changed to SAKO then Voer and now for the last ten yeasr or so Remmington.


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complains about crap triggers and then buys a remington....... :eek:

the heyms i've used have great triggers, superb accuracy, very good blueing, and that SR30 straght pull.. cracking piece of kit, they do them in proper left handed versions too!!!

John dm; you seem like you're not short of a bob or too(buying not one but three heyms AND havig PRS do you a barrel) fancy buying me that left handed 7x57 left handed SR30 from frances lovells, 1500 notes? :lol: :lol: :lol: hehe


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Not heard of the sr40,maybe they were sr20`s?.
Have to admit no complaints about triggers on mine.
The tyrolean or "hogsback"stock suits me as I not exactly small, and I have my `scopes mounted high too, as they make grt carrying handles.
As for picking on my rifles Blaser, do I care? :lol: naaa,but is good to know what rifles people use,I`m interested thats all.
SR 40

I bought a SR 40 left handed 222 from a fellow here in Oregon last year. He could not tell me much about it other that he bought it from an Air Force Captain in Hawaii some time ago.
I have not been able to learn much about these rifles. Were they ever imported into the USA, how many were made, etc. Also, would like to get some idea of it's value.
I find it very similar to the Mauser 4000 of which I have two. The Mausers are only right handed. They have a much different stock. As for the trigger I find them very adjustable and with a little work quite satisfactory.
If anyone could tell me more about the SR 40 Heym I would be most grateful.


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My first rifle was a Heym 8x60S built on a '98 action. My grandfather bought the rifle in Windhoek in the late 50's, but I think the rifle was probably built before the war.

Not really relevant to modern Heym rifles, but there you go.


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I had several Heym rifles (SR20's in .243, .270, and .308) before switching to Tikka's when these were brought out in Lefthand form.

I did hang on to my Lefthand Heym SR40 in .222, and wouldn't ever part with this. This has a miniature action which is identical to the full-size SR20 models. The only other mini-sized actions are the CZ527. and the Sako XS. Don't think the latter has ever been made in Lefthand but I live in hope.

The man from the States is right. The SR40 is indeed a Mauser 4000 action, and Heym actually made a number of these for MauserWerke under licence in the mid-1980's. Both companies sold these under their own banner, and hoped to penetrate the U.S. market - but failed to get enough sales. Which isn't surprising in such an insular market .... as it was then.

The workmanship of these rifles is high and they all have lovely triggers, so I think someone has come across a bad apple.


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have a .308 mauser 2000 been told it's a heym sr20 marketed as a mauser good rifle accurate and has a very good trigger not tempted to change it for a remington:)

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I have a Heym 44B single shot in 7x57. It is quite tiny but a beautiful rifle in every way. Accurate and very light. So very easy on the shoulder too.
I have always thought this make was up there with the very best. there is just something about them that sets them apart.


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I hope this is not too far off topic or you can direct to correct place. I have an old Heym rifle with only a few markings and no serial number. I believe it was obtained by father in law in the 1960's . on left side it say St. hubert co. and below that waseca, minn. (a state here in the U.S.) on the right side on the barrel it says 25.06... in the right side of the action it says made in germany and FW HEYM. It is a Mauser action Bolt with 24" barrel blued with chrome-like bolt. Any information would be greatly appreciated


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One of the BIGGEST regrets was selling my mint Heym SR20 in .30-06 some years ago. It was a superb rifle well made and very accurate. I am a little surprised they don't seem as popular in this country as some makes. Mine did have a trigger set on the heavy side when brand new but nothing more that simple adjustment to lighten.
Ive missed it so much that to help my recovery Ive aquired an SR21 (when my certificate comes back) in 6.5x57 ummm nice:D


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Here's my Heym

Forgive me Jagare but that appears to be a re-worked Ruger No1 :eek:. Are Heym doing this as a std offering as I can find no mention of it on their web site. They only offer the SR21 & SR30 along with the model 26 SxS.


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You are right, Brit.

This one is a Heym HR 30 (round barrel), and there was a HR 38 (octagonal barrel), both available in standard and carbine lengths. It was only sold abroad - from 1995 on, and marketed as the "Heym - Ruger - single shot rifle". I still drool over the catalogue in which it appears. The Heym range was much wider then.

It was indeed a beautifully re-worked engraved Ruger No. 1 action, and available in an unbelievable 20 calibres (cartridges).

The U.K. price then was around £2500. It's definitely a piece for the man who has everything.


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Kevin , I bought the Heym In 1979. Its built on a Rugers action that been polished and fitted with a Canjar trigger. I think they made about 500 with Ruger No1 actions. It cost £600 when i bought it. Best £600 i have ever spent. I think they stopped makeing them before 1995?


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Kevin , I bought the Heym In 1979. Its built on a Rugers action that been polished and fitted with a Canjar trigger. I think they made about 500 with Ruger No1 actions. It cost £600 when i bought it. Best £600 i have ever spent. I think they stopped makeing them before 1995?

Hmmm wonder why they stopped doing them? I hear Ruger has has some variations in quality in the No1's. Seems some of the new ones in the limited production runs are varying quite a bit. Was reading some right horrible reports on the ones in 303 British.


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I have a custom build using a 20" 1/8" twist border tube in a Ruger no#1 action which Neil McKillop did for me and it is a superb (although slightly heavy) rifle, it is incredibly accurate, I am very fond of it!
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