Heym SR30


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I got 2 of them, 30-06 and 22-250,had 3 but got rid of the 243 as never used it when I got the 30-06,
Cracking rifle, then again you get what you pay for, and you have to pay for quality.
When I bought the 243 I did pay top £ for it as they were just coming into the country,but as I got the others they had come down in £.
I am lead to beleive I have 2 firsts with my Heyms, my 30-06 is the first sold in U.K and the 22-250 is too. :p
The 22-250, I had built by Callum Ferguson as at the time Heym told me they weren`t making a 22-250, but after I had mine built they brought one out. But I not worried as I def got the 1st Heym sr30 22-250 in the U.K (before I moved here :D ) and with a Schillin 26in barrel it was made to shoot 40 grn hollow points which it does very very well :eek:
The 30-06 is more accurate than I will ever be,I used to buy lots of 500 rounds of R.W.S 180 grn Mantle tip, would "clover leaf" at 100 yds no problem at all :eek: but they got very difficult to get hold of, so use Federal 165 grns now and they are ok ,1in groups no problem,so they good enough for anything I shoot.
If your going to buy one Farmboy, DO NOT put a cheap crap `scope on it, as the rifle is capable of so much, so dig deep and put a quality `scope on a quality rifle.
Also, the Heym straight pull action is very much quieter than other makes of straight pulls and it is very very quick and ultra safe too and the triggers are second to none,.I.M.O it`s a perfect rifle.


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Thanks John.
I've got my name on a .308 SR 30. Should have picked up Saturday when variation came back but on closer inspection plod had bugg...d up the details on 2 other rifles :rolleyes: :mad:
Just seems like a class act,handles well great smooth action nice wood and the best blueing I have seen.
Planning to put a Kahles 6x42 on top (Apel Mounts).
Will let you know how I get on with it .
Regards FB