Hi all


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I'm a 43 year old professional Gamekeeper on a medium sized commercial and syndicated shoot. Additional I assist with the stalking over two estates.
I reload for 22BR, 22.250, 6BR, .243,6.5x47 and soon a 7WSM, my other hobby is training dogs, Labs, Springers, Cocker's and German Shepherds.

A nice looking site which I have been lurking on for a while, I look forward to an enjoyable stay.

And yes I'm the same Elwood from UKV and BBS.


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Hello and welcome to the site Elwood, sounds to me like you are getting plenty of shooting with that job of yours ;)

Hope to read some of your posts.

Where abouts in the country do you reside? :rolleyes:



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Look forward to reading your posts, Hope to be down your way in the new year fingers crossed