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Well here goes. A friend at work told me about this site. I come from a family where we used to do a fair bit of shooting, mainly clays it has to be said. My father and brother did more grouse and pheasant shooting , with my brother only later taking up rifle shooting. My son has now shown an interest in doing a game keeper course, but they (the college) are keen he does some work experience related to it. i.e. working on an estate (he is 19). I have lost our family contacts some time ago. So I hope that someone out there can offer some advice or help. The college say a few days would help. He is currently working in a hotel, but I am willing to fund him if someone out there will take him on for a few weeks or even days to give him a taste. He can drive and has his own car. Not a bad shot and has spent some time working with horses. Also has done some basic forge works. Recognise this is not the time of year for this, but hope someone can help. Thanks
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