Hi everyone thought I may warn everyone of a scam online/otis 17 thermal


I was looking at a add for a otis 17 thermal scope for sale
ATN Waterproof Night Vision Monocular OTIS 17 Thermal Multiu Hyde Park - W2

i tried to arrange pick up in Hyde park with my aunt who is in Kent , she emailed (IT) and so do I to try secure this item ,

To cut it short //the reply we got was , hi the otis 17 is in perfect condition however I am on holidays in the Isle of Man,ramseys , and can only post the item ! It said they only do bank deposit then it will post item ,

so I went along with it knowing that it had scam all over it , they sent this
Hi Robert,

Yes,the unit is like new,used only for several times.
It belonged to my brother who lived in US for some years now,he likes this kind of "toys" and he doesn't need it anymore at all.He gave me the unit so i can sell it for him.So i don't have a shop website because i'm not a dealer,i regularly don't sell this kind of stuff.
I'm 33 and got married this year ;)
Here are my details:
Bank Barclays
Name Michelle S. Livi
IBAN GB78BARC20128083584941
Swift Code BARCGB22
Banks address 108 Upper Lewes road, Brighton , BN2 3FE United Kingdom

My address here:
34 Parliament Street, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1AQ United Kingdom
+44 7928828576

I will instruct my brother to pack carefully the unit and remove the battery's and rifle mount,like you said.I will send the package as a gift and for a very low amount paid for,with registered mail and with a tracking number as well.
A receipt from your bank will be great.
Thanks and let me know.
I have to go now,i need to pick someone from the airport.

so then I did a google search of the bank details and there it was,
Avoiding falling victim to online scams - SURVIVE FRANCE NETWORK
SAME LAST NAME and BANK DETAILS! Just a different first name Michelle ,the funny thing is in one of he replies Michelle aka (IT)says I am a old fashioned guy when I asked about paypal! Haha

so I sent a email and said cant take a risk with that kind of $ and if you still have the item when u get back from holiday I will organise pick up .

Reply was /// ok , good luck !

What sort of reply is that ,

As low as it goes ,

take care everyone
Robert from down under
This Link: Avoiding falling victim to online scams - SURVIVE FRANCE NETWORK
I did but i have to wait to be approved to comment there,
did u see the bank details all the same except the first names,

just got another email from it,


I've just spoken with my brother and he agreed to make the deal for half of the money now and the other half after you have received the unit and everything is OK.
Let me know.

These scams are commonplace on eBay or at least were......just ignore them.....
​besides, Taccess, an intro might help!
No, if you scroll down, that text is under the ad, to the right of "send to a friend" and "print this ad". If you click on it, there's a pop up for you to input the details.

I didn't look any further as it's of no interest, but thought you should report it as you were close to being hit
I scammed the scammer alright all the way through the woods till I got him by his bank details and squashed his sneaky hiding spot ,,,:tiphat:

sorry bout the late reply but 5.30 -6pm last few days work work and more work
as for a my intro just click these links :

:british: It's add is gone now so we did it !
IT is not there (gumtree) anymore :-|

just did a google search - otis 17 thermal uk ,

Add is gone /hopefully no one got hit.